Tinder profile goes viral after user asks his ex to rate him

This guy created a hilarious Tinder presentation because he wasn’t getting any matches — and he even asked his ex to rate him. Rizal’s Tinder presentation began by asking the question “why swipe right”Source:Supplied Rizal, a 22-year-old mechanical engineering student from Southampton, in the UK, decided to boost his chances on the dating app with […]

Disney’s new streaming service promises to house its latest films as well as the classics. Picture: iStock
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Disney will shut its ‘vault’ before launching its streaming service

  The Disney ‘vault’ is officially closed. CEO Bob Iger confirmed during the company’s annual shareholder meeting this week that the Disney vault is no more. But before 90s kids everywhere burst into tears, fans can still access all their childhood favourites. You’ll just have to fork out for a subscription to the company’s latest […]