Tinder profile goes viral after user asks his ex to rate him

This guy created a hilarious Tinder presentation because he wasn’t getting any matches — and he even asked his ex to rate him.


Rizal’s Tinder presentation began by asking the question “why swipe right”Source:Supplied

Rizal, a 22-year-old mechanical engineering student from Southampton, in the UK, decided to boost his chances on the dating app with the unique move.

Called “why swipe right?”, Rizal created a detailed presentation including references from his mum, sister, housemate, childhood friend and even his first girlfriend.

They include a five-star review from his mum, who jokingly called the lad “one of my favourite children”.

While his ex gave him four stars, writing: “Not bad for a first boyfriend. Would highly recommend.”

And he even included his sister, who only gave him one star, writing: “So annoying! UHHH”.


Rizal’s Tinder profile has gone viral after his friends and family to gave him references for why women should date himSource:Supplied

Rizal also listed his hobbies, which include “going to Sainsbury’s (supermarket) every Sunday”, “wondering what to do with my life”, “vintage shopping with my student loan”, as well as table tennis, karaoke, Twitter “banter” and cooking Asian food in his wok.


Rizal’s wasn’t getting any matches so he designed this presentation to increase his chancesSource:Supplied

While the Qualities and Services section states that he’s on track for 2.1 in his degree, has “good fitness and stamina”, is a family man who’s good with pets (except cats which he’s allergic to) and “once got 17k retweets”.

He also sold himself to potential girlfriends with the promise of being able to “make you laugh”, joining her on a shopping trip, being a decent cook and access to his Netflix account.

Rizal tweeted screen shots of his updated profile on Tuesday, after one woman said the move was “f***in lame”.

His ‘services’ include cooking and sharing memes

His ‘services’ include cooking and sharing memesSource:Supplied

In response to her asking why he had bothered making the time-consuming presentation, Rizal joked: “cos I’m ugly”.


Rizal’s Tinder profile has since gone viral after one woman initally called it “lame”.Source:Supplied

His bashful response has racked up more than 87,000 likes and 21,500 retweets.

Rizal told BuzzFeed: “ I know I’m not in the upper echelons of attractiveness.

“But I try to make the best of what I’ve got and excel in other areas that I have control over, like being funny and thoughtful.”

“I strongly believe in keeping positive and turning bad situations into good ones.

“Being self-deprecating is a good coping mechanism for me and it allows me to make jokes that I know will not offend anyone.”

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